Paul David

Musician, Be-er...beer too!

Paul David graduated from Coe College with a degree in percussion performance studying under such teachers as Dr. Paul Smoker (The Paul Smoker Trio, Joint Venture), Dave Samuels (Spyro Gyra), Bill Moersch, Libby Larsen, and Phil Haynes.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and performer.  Streaming on all platforms, you can download and support his music by checking out the music and store pages. 


In addition to creating music, Paul David is a licensed minister and budding Tarot card reader.  He has a day job working for Taher, Inc as the Director of Employee Development. He and his husband, Tom, live in Plymouth, Minnesota. 

Reviews and Feedback

On Perpetual Motion of Water

Perpetual Motion of Water by Paul David is like a musical journey through the elements, capturing the rhythmic flow of water in its purest form. As the ostinato pattern repeats, the melody evolves and transforms, mirroring the churning motion of a river cascading over rocks and rushing towards the ocean. The track’s percolating rhythm and lush harmonies create a meditative atmosphere, while the resonant sound of the RAV Vast handpan adds depth and texture. With acoustic percussion blending seamlessly with digital sounds, the result is a hypnotic and immersive experience that transports listeners to the heart of nature’s rhythm, reminiscent of Bobvan’s underrated masterpiece album Water Dragon.

-Last Day DeafMAY 8, 2024


Cosmic Greetings! This is seriously fantastic work, truly great stuff! Thanks so much for sending this over our way. We would absolutely love to play this track on our small but extremely passionate experimental / indie public access and internet radio show Ingrown Radio. 

-Ingrown Radio 

The fusion of diverse cultural influences from around the world along with the incorporation of sounds from nature creates an immersive and transformative listening experience.  

-Edanur Spotify Playlister

I like the overall atmosphere of the tune and the vibe of all the epiano elements / atmospheric flowy layers on the base - the piece is mixed and mastered nicely with a lot of attention to details and very fully sounding.  

-Chronity Spotify Playlister

Nice handpan sound, very warm and soothing. Great ambience, too! 

-Chris Luno (Organic House) Spotify Playlister

Really cool track and puts listener in a trance. 

-Active Light Records Spotify Playlister

I truly enjoyed having a listen here! Really liking the overall soundscape, super lovely arrangement! 

-Cauzy Spotify Playlister

Beautiful composition with nice energetic feeling and great nature soundscapes too. 

-Lofiraul Records Spotify Playlister

Beautiful hand-pand vibes and song structure. We like your work 

-Awake, Spotify Playlister

Really cool piece of work with some great sound choices. 

-Kula Kriya, Spotify Playlister

Personally I love this instrument and could listen to hour long sets of it. 

-Laurence Paul, Spotify Playlister

On Artist's Prayer

Les Schneider (95.6BRFM Les in the afternoon/Les After Dark) - Love the fact it builds up and just when you think the song is done - it isn't and it makes its way back down again. Look forward to hearing other stuff from Paul David. Good clear voice as well! 

Michael (Studio 26 Radio - Bit of a slower relaxing track, but it sounds good and well sang.

Latest Track

Check out my latest single. Available for sale on the /music page.

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