Free Offerings

Free offerings to help guide you on your journey.

Tarot Talk

Lear a little bit about how this all works with instruction and basic meaning of the tarot deck.

Tarot Talk This is a short lesson on how this all works and basic meanings of the traditional tarot deck 288 KB

Everyday Tarot

Want to know how to use that tarot deck you have sitting around?  Here is a three-page handout from my “Everyday Tarot” class to help you.  If you want more personal instruction, send me an email and we can book a session and you can learn

Everyday Tarot This is the handout used in my "Everyday Tarot" talks. 342 KB

Tarot at 50,000 Feet

This is a brief understanding of the history of Tarot and what the major arcana mean and how they follow the Hero's Journey.

Tarot at 50,000 Feet A quick understanding of the Major Arcana 164 KB