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Artist's Prayer

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As every artist sits down at their instrument, or at a blank canvas, or looks over a blank stage, they think, "give me something to say!" This song is a tribute to those moments.

I wrote these lyric in 1993 and stuck them in a folder where I keep my lyric ideas, notes, sketches, etc. and forgot about them until I was looking for an idea for another song and came across them. There was no music (at least none that I remember), so I sat down at my instrument and began dinking around. Shortly after, this song emerged.

It's a prayer--a meditation--a plea. Like the psalms, there is no "chorus" as we think of it in pop music today...just the linking ideas of "Oh I am...playing, singing, dancing etc. for you". Then, when you tap into your gift, the bridge blossoms like a lotus flower bathing you in the confidence to share your gift with the world.


Oh, I'm playin' for you; let the Spirit move me
Oh, I'm singing' for you; fill me with things to say
I know I'm not everything I could be.
Help to guide me, guide me, guide me all the same.

Oh, I'm dancing' for you; help me find the rhythm
Oh, I'm painting' for you; help me find my artist's eye
I know I don't always act like one of the good ones
Inspire me, all the same.

As the notes drip from my lips into a pool of sweet sound
The pool fills the hollows in the cup of my soul where all my sins are drowned.
I feel the cup overflow, the tides begin to swirl, a river of love is formed from my soul
To the whole world.

Oh, I'm playin' for you; let the Spirit move me...