From the recording We Can B Free (Maxi-Single)

This is a more straight ahead dance mix of the original edit of "We Can B Free". My Udu drum gives the four-on-the-floor pulse! Such a cool sound!


I know just what they wanted
I know what they want me to be
Things are, are not what they seem to be
Recognizing this will set us free


You feel trapped in confusion
You see what they want you to see
See there? That clown behind the curtain?
“Dance, puppet, dance!” is what they want us to be

Pre-Chorus 1

We are part of the Revolution
We have the power to change
Can you picture the of the dawn of a new day?
Do you feel alive in this place?

We can be Free
We can be Free
We can be Free if we open our minds
We can be Free
We can be Free
We can be Free to live limitless lives

It starts with the spark of potential
Forgiveness, unity, courage kindness the seeds
It grows person by person
With just one voice:
Love and empathy can breed.

Pre Chorus 2
We are key to the Evolution
We are the source of the change
With our thoughts we bring forth a new day
Do you feel the power in today?