From the recording Evolutions

The fire is within, if you choose to ignite it.

Originally not going to be on the CD, but this was too fun not to have a rip roaring guitar solo at the end... so ....


There's so much hate in the world it's hard to love yourself;
pick up the pieces of a broken life and heal.
But when you find you've still got a leg to stand on, a feeling overtakes your heart: It's real.

And no one can put you down. No one can break your stride. You feel you could take on the world with the light of a fire in your eyes.

Burn on!

Everyone in this world has a gift so rare. Something they alone can use and share.
Not many in the world will let their light shine forth.
They close it up deep inside and lock the door.

Here comes a knock at your door: A chance to let you be.
Unlock the light in your life and walk with me.

Burn on!

Let me guide you to a better way. Let me show you a brighter day.
Everything is given to you to make it through. You've got to believe in your self.
Just believe in yourself!

What if I told you love was the key to solve all the problems of humanity?
No more hunger, racism gone;
the fire of good will burns so strong.

Reach out, take another's hand.
The love of God unites with Man.

Burn On!