From the recording Evolutions

In 1991 my soul mate was killed in a car accident. This single event changed the course of my life forever. I wrote this song the day after he died.


Old friend I love you. Have I ever told you that?
Old friend I’m gonna miss you. I wish you’d just come back.
A light in my world; someone to dispel my pain.
When my world crumbled, you’d try to keep me sane.
You never understood me, but still you let me be.
Where are you?

The time I abandon you, I know I caused you pain.
Still you came back to me and everything was still the same.
Those afternoons together when no one else was there.
We’d laugh, we’d sing we’d dance around; sometimes we’d cry in despair.
We shared some precious moments that no one can take away.
Can you hear me?

The dreams we made together, what happens to them now?
You left me here to carry on, should I realize them somehow?
To say we’re only brothers, really isn’t fair.
The grand schemes we planned together, now do you not care?
I need you more than ever, why did you have to die?
I love you.

Old friend you’re gone now. I guess we’ll all survive.
Old friend I want to tell you, you really touched my life.
I’ll always see you smiling. I’ll think about your laugh.
I’ll listen to your favorite music, but it will not bring you back.
I have to let you go now, but I won’t forget.
I miss you.