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No longer your chew toy.

I went through some stuff when I was younger, as we all do... this is that song. Heavily inspired by Prince's "Chaos and Disorder", the center instrumental section is all about that. I pulled my sister into the studio and she got to sing... and Adam (guitar) wasn't present when I laid down the Vox, so I got to mess with him on the recording :-)

Starts out with a snipe at my old boyfriend, moves on to greedy corporations and ends with a rant about fundamentalist religion.

And this is the song that makes it quite clear I should NEVER rap...


I walk into the "Smokey Place." Faint lights still cause my heart to race.
I glance to where I met you: old trap laid out for someone new.
There you sit in your grand array. Queen holding court, still watchful for your pray.
As I pass, your subjects jeer. Puppet pawns, what friends you have my dear!

I gave you love, my sex you stole. I showed you my heart you raped my soul.
I shut you out, you made your plea. My response: "Stop feeding off of me!"

The grind begins nine to five. The corporate game: Just keep yourself alive.
The paperwork jungle needs Tarzan's call.
No one's your friend, your colleagues least of all.
"A cut in pay," the Memo reads. "No holiday's," to tend to your personal needs.
"Budget cuts," the Memo's clear. C.E.O. still clears two mill a year.

I work so hard: You cut my pay. I try to advance: I'm held at bay.
The corporate culture stems from greed. Well I've had enough: Stop feeding off of me!

No go! Stop! No go! Stop!

In the world today, I'm sorry to say, there are people who use; abuse what they take.
You offer them love, your soul, your heart,
and when you turn your back they're there to rip you apart.
Watch your back. It's like I've always said, "If they keep it up, God will get them when they're dead." Now just let them be. And look them in the eye when you say, "Stop feeding off of me!"

There you stand condemning me. I'm going to hell for loving: that cannot be.
Pontificate and point at me. Three fingers point back at you, now can't you see?
You stand in judgement over all. What makes you think that God is as small?
What you call a rose by another name still smells like bigotry, all the same.

Condemning some for acts of love claiming knowledge from above.
Tailor made religion for a fee. Doesn't that suck? Stop feeding off of me!