1. Hellove

From the recording Evolutions

Written 2/3/92, this is a catharsis song. I had broken up with a person I had pushed into a relationship when they weren't ready...and I couldn't get them out of my head. I had someone now who "said" they loved me and would be my all... that's a story for another song... but I couldn't let go of the other guy... even though he broke my heart many times, and fidelity was not his gift... I couldn't let him go. This is a prayer to Source--Love if you will-- around that situation.


Hello Love, I'm all alone tonight.
Have you got a minute, I could use some advice.
I found a person whose love is all for me,
but I can't seem to release what use to be.
There was never any love there, only pain and humiliation
I was used and abused there for pain and degridation
Why does it hurt now, my new love grows so strong.
Lovelessness should leave me: but how?

Hello Love, please be patient with me
I know I'm confused: I shouldn't oughta be
Patterns continue, a knitting of the mind
But a new rhythm's emerging, just in the nick of time!
Still pain of the past--it lingers--slowing down my stride
The ice-cold grip of it's fingers filled with arrogance and pride
The voice of new Love calls through the night
"Follow the sound. Let it be your guiding light."

("Relax, let Love flow, let Love lead the way
Trust in Love, let Love flow--Love takes away the pain
I can heal you, listen to My voice. A new world awaits you
It's your choice.")

Hello Love, I guess I just don't understand (you sure don't)
What I thought was love misled me, please take me by my hand (give me your hand)
Lead me along now, my trust has been destroyed (poor little boy)
Teach faith and hope again to this little boy
How can anyone be so cruel as to tear at my very soul (your bleeding soul)
Leave me lying, bleeding, then invite me back for more?
Love is a dagger lodged deep in my heart (pull it out)
Just as I remove it, I'm again to start?

(Trust in me I'll guide you to Love that's real
Have faith that Love will provide you with hope and harmony
"Trust me, I Love you, I will not steer you wrong
Collateral love awaits you: God, it's strong!)

Good night, Love, I've exhausted all my time (your running out of time again)
I hear what you're saying, well, at least in my mind (It's all in your mind)
Tomorrow I may find you rebuilding my heart (I'll be there)
Tonight I rest now, my thoughts disembark...

Hello, Love...
Goodnight, Love....
(mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, alleu)