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Together We (Original Mix)

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Written for a work conference, but damn, if the message isn't good and it isn't catchy!


Vs 1
When the day’s less than perfect
And you feel like a cog in a wheel
Remember every gear
Got us from there to here
From here we head to our future

Vs 2
When your tinman is rusty
And you ran out of oil
No need to lose your mind
Fearing you’ll fall behind
Reach out! Everybody’s here!


Together we
All help each other rise

Together we
Always, always find a way

Vs 3
Each part is important
A piece of a complex machine
If we collaborate
Then we can innovate
Let’s celebrate our diversity

Chorus 2

The world is more connected now than ever before
You can talk across the globe with the touch of a button
Recognizing we are each a unique gear on this earth-machine is a must
You gotta shake off the dust.